The kitchen is the room of the house that we spend a lot of time in , which presupposes this specific space to be attractive. For the construction of kitchen furniture, we combine functionality, technology and impeccable aesthetics.

Unlimited range of kitchen furniture from modern to classic, in many combinations of material and colors, wide range of kitchen accessories and mechanisms.


Interior doors in a wide range of designs, colors and materials, doors with veneer and varnish, lacquered doors, laminate doors, solid doors.


Objects that invest every space of a home or a store and accompany us in our daily work, but also in the relaxation in our home. For the manufacture of furniture, we always have quality, comfort, aesthetics, functionality and usability as a principle. After careful study of space, we select the best materials and design furniture in combination with the taste and the aesthetics of each customer in order to fulfil every need of home and store with unlimited possibilities in meters, materials, colors and techniques.

In terms of interior furniture, classic and modern dining rooms, classic, modern and corner living room, classic and modern bedroom, bathroom furniture in many dimensions and materials, children’s furniture in many colors, classic and modern office furniture and bookcases, and also a wide range of mattresses and sleeping pad, as well as outdoor and garden furniture.

Many of the constructions that are located inside a house, happen to need special care. We undertake special constructions, with special measures, special requirements, special colors, special aesthetics. In any case, we study the space and find solutions to each construction needed.


The organization of your space is for us in the front line and priority. For the construction of closet furniture, we always have as a guide the aesthetics, the quality, the functionality and the arrangement of the storage space. We manufacture wardrobe furniture, with unlimited possibilities in designs, colors, materials and measures. Various types such as built-in, with open doors, with sliding doors, special constructions and mechanisms of wardrobe furniture.

We also undertake replacement works of any old fitted wardrobe, and apply the new construction in the existing space, with the least possible cause of repairs.

Special constructions

Study the area of interest, design and construction of special constructions of furniture, that suit the needs of each space but also the aesthetic preference of each different collaborating client who assigns us a separate creation for his space. With a wide range of materials, designs and colors we can achieve the perfect aesthetic appearance of any living space or store.


Undertaking repair work on old or damaged furniture, replacing fabric, repairing paint and varnish on existing furniture, as well as repairs to components of homes and shops, such as doors, balcony doors, shutters, kitchens, cupboards, cabinets, wherever this is possible ,so as to return , to proper functional and aesthetic condition.